Healthy Leeds Plan

Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets a clear vision for Leeds to be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.

We know that our health outcomes are often not as good as the England average. We have significant and growing inequalities within the city and we know that we will need to work together with partners across the city if we are going to change this.

The Healthy Leeds Plan sets out how the Leeds Health and Care Partnership can support the delivery of this vision by working together. It details the areas where we know we can make a difference to peoples health in Leeds. It also details what we plan to do and how we will know if  and when we’ve done it. We know we need to work  together, with partners, and share what we know, as well as our resources. This will help to make sure we can get the best results for the people of Leeds.

Population boards

The way we will do this work is through our Population Boards and each is responsible for delivering a part of the Healthy Leeds Plan. This includes taking action to reduce health inequalities experienced by their population. They are groups of people from across the city working together to make decisions for particular groups of people who have similar needs:

The population boards for Leeds are;


Children and Young People

Healthy Adults

Mental Health

Long Term Conditions

People with learning Disability and Neurodiversity 


End of Life

We also have two extra boards that work across all the other groups. Same Day Response and Planned Care. These two boards have responsibility for same-day and planned services across all the other population boards.

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