Healthy Leeds Plan

The Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets a clear ambition for Leeds to be a ‘healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.’

 Having ‘good health’ isn’t just about being free from illness and disease: good health is about physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Good health is about being happy, feeling connected to other people and your community, as well as physical wellness.

We measure health by thinking about ‘health outcomes’. These outcomes explain what we want to achieve to improve the physical, mental and social health of people in Leeds. A good outcome does not mean the absence of disease or illness, but rather that people are living, aging, and dying well according to what matters to them. It means that people have the support they need to stay healthy, that older people feel connected to their local community and that everyone dies a good death in a place of their choice. By thinking about and measuring these outcomes we can understand how well we are caring for people living in Leeds.

We know that our health outcomes in Leeds are sometimes not as good as the England average. For example, suicide rates in Leeds are higher than in most other places in the UK. We also have significant and growing inequalities within the city, this means that some communities have worse health outcomes simply because of where they live or who they are. We need to change these things by working together with people, communities and services.

The Healthy Leeds Plan sets out how the Leeds Health and Care Partnership will work together to improve outcomes for everyone in our city. It details the areas where we know we can make a difference to people’s health in Leeds and outlines how we will know we have been successful.

We will deliver the Healthy Leeds Plan by bringing together key partners in Population Boards and other forums across the City. You can read more about population boards and their work here:

We’re currently in the process of updating the plan, which we will post here soon.

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