People’s Voices Partnership

The People's Voices Partnership brings engagement and involvement leads from partner organisations together to share their work. Our common aim is to improve the way we hear the voices of local people, particularly those living with the highest health inequalities.

All partner organisations carry out various consultation, engagement and involvement programmes – from listening to people’s experiences of using health and care services, through to consultations on proposed changes to services. Whilst it continues to be important for individual organisations to lead their own activity, there are some things that we believe we can do better by working together. This is why we have established the People’s Voices Partnership (PVP).

The shared aim of the PVP is to put people’s voices at the centre of health and care decision making in Leeds, and in particular the voice of people living with the greatest health inequalities. We believe that we can only achieve our citywide ambition to improve the health of the poorest fastest by involving all our communities directly in decision making in Leeds.

Working together as the PVP we:

  • Co-ordinate our involvement work in Leeds
  • Work to shared involvement principles
  • Minimise duplication to reduce involvement fatigue
  • Share best practice and inspire and support each other
  • Encourage and support anyone who needs to involve people in their work
  • Provide leadership across the city around the importance of this agenda
  • Champion people’s voice leadership roles in the city

To find out more about the projects the Peoples Voices Partnership are working on click here

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