Big Leeds Chat

The Big Leeds Chat is a listening programme, which aims to connect senior managers in health and care with local people, providing a platform to have a discussion about what matters most to people.

Putting people at the centre of health and care decision-making is a commitment we have made in Leeds. Through the Big Leeds Chat (BLC) we aim to make it easier for local people to talk directly to those people who are responsible for planning and delivering services in Leeds; give them the opportunity to talk to the decision makers about what matters to them, and to talk about their experiences of using services. We believe that one of the key enablers of effective decision making, is that those making the decisions have an understanding of the experiences of people. This is why we are committed to delivering BLC events.

We held the first BLC event in 2018, and held further events in 2019 and 2021.

We will be publishing the BLC 2021 report soon, which will provide an overview of what we heard from local people, and what we are going to do with that information.

For more information and to read our Big Leeds Chat reports, please visit:

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