Finance update 2024 / 25

Meeting our financial challenge 2024-25. Posted 19 March 2024.

Our Leeds Health and Care Partnership is committed to working in a collaborative way to respond to the extreme financial challenges that face all of us. As a health and care system, with responsibility for making the best use of our collective resource, our integrated care system for West Yorkshire was advised by NHS England that we must all look for savings to cover the expected financial gap. The Leeds Committee of the West Yorkshire ICB is required to set a balanced plan for the year 2024-25 and the underlying deficit it has been working with is approximately £200m.

We remain committed to working with partners across the city to improve health outcomes and address health inequalities, as set out in our Healthy Leeds Plan. In the work we are doing now we will be seeking to protect some investment in genuinely transformational approaches that will help us to reach our shared goals. We all know that difficult decisions are being made and that these will impact across all sectors funded through the NHS, affecting service users, our workforce, and our partners.

Together, the Leeds Health and Care partnership has made recommendations about how it might reduce this deficit and meet this financial challenge. This has included NHS trusts taking a look at their costs and making commitments to live within their existing budgets.

Whilst there are only a small number of reviews that are likely to result in a material cut to services, it is important that we effectively assess the impact on the people of Leeds. Work will take place over the coming months, and into the summer, to involve people and our partners, including the third sector and general practice, in further discussions regarding suggested savings. This work will ensure that we can fully understand the potential impact on the people of Leeds.

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