Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets out a long-term ambition for Leeds to be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy is one of the city’s most important plans for tackling poverty across Leeds, and for improving lives for all local people. The Strategy provides a statement of intent that all local partners re signed up to delivering. This includes the Council, local NHS organisations, and community sector partners.

The Strategy aims to achieve five key outcomes:

  1. People will live longer and have healthier lives
  2. People will live full, active and independent lives
  3. People’s quality of life will be improved by access to quality services
  4. People will be actively involved in their health and care
  5. People will live in healthy, safe and sustainable communities

At the centre of everything we do through the strategy, is our commitment to tackling health inequalities.

The delivery of the Strategy is overseen by the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board, which brings together key partners from across the city to work together in meeting our ambitions. More about the Board.

We are currently reviewing our Health and Wellbeing Strategy, and expect an updated version to be published in early 2023. In the mean time, if you want to find out more about our current Strategy you can find it on the Leeds City Council website.

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