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We are working to support PPGs with their own email addresses.

The Leeds office of the Integrated Care Board in West Yorkshire (ICB in Leeds) has worked closely with members of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) Network to bring email addresses to each PPG in Leeds. This means that each group will have a dedicated email address that can be used to conduct PPG-related business.

We believe that having a dedicated email address will ensure that:

  • Patients at your practice know how to get in touch with the group to join or give feedback
  • Your PPG will have improved communication with other PPG members, the practice, other PPGs (they all have one too), the ICB in Leeds, and local organisations that may support PPG work.
  • PPGs will receive dedicated ‘PPG updates’ from the ICB in Leeds in the form of a regular newsletter giving you tips and opportunities to get involved.
  • PPGs will have the opportunity to develop their group’s ‘online presence’, if they choose to. This could include creating a social media presence for their PPG as well as signing up for relevant information and updates from across the country (such as the National Association for Patient Participation, NAPP).
  • Their work is carried out confidentially and securely.

We have worked with PPG members and the network to develop a downloadable guide (below) that has been sent to all practices directly to set them up.

How can you help?

You can find a list of all the PPG email addresses that are active to date by visiting the ‘PPG emails contact list’ page:

Find your practice's PPG email address

If you are a patient or member of the public you can contact your PPG directly to share feedback and ideas. If you have a formal complaint you want to raise, please contact your GP practice to follow their complaints procedure. You will be able to find the PPG’s email on their website as well as in the list mentioned above.

If you are a member of a PPG member, please get in touch if you have any questions and please refer to the guide to get started using your email address.


If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Adam Stewart from the ICB in Leeds’ involvement team on the following contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 0113 221 7723


PPG Email Guidance V3.1 (700KB)

In order to view PDF documents you will need Adobe PDF Reader

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