Have your say in engagements and consultations

Get involved and help to influence how our local health services develop and change.

We are constantly striving to improve our services in Leeds so that you and your family get the best possible health and care.

When we make changes to services we have a moral and legal duty to involve local people. We know that involving people means we can plan and pay for (commission) and provide health and care services that are safer, better quality and better value for money.

We want you, your family and your community to have your say about local health and care services. This section of our website gives you the opportunity to comment on changes we are proposing to your services.

Equality Monitoring and protected characteristics

We want to hear from anyone affected by these service changes. It is especially important to hear from communities that we know often experience worse health outcomes, including people with disabilities, those from diverse ethnic backgrounds and people living in the poorest areas of Leeds.

In our engagements and consultations, we will always ask you to provide us with ‘equality monitoring’ information. This section is optional but provides us with important data about the characteristics of the people we hear from. These can include sex, age, ethnicity, carer status, sexuality, disabilities etc. for example. By doing this, we are able to identify any gaps in our responses; we can then make efforts to include those communities we have yet to hear from. We would appreciate your time and effort in completing that section if you are happy to do so.


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