Changes to the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) code of practice and the planning of Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS)

Lead: Department of Health and Social Care

Period: 17th Mar 2022 - 14th Jul 2022

The government are updating the Mental Capacity Act - Code of Practice and thinking about a new system of safeguards (ways of keeping people from being harmed) – called the Liberty Protection Safeguards.

Brief description of project

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 is a law in England and Wales that helps people make their own decisions and says what happens when people don’t have ‘capacity’ (the ability to make their own decisions). Liberty Protection Safeguards are rules to protect people who don’t have capacity.

The MCA code of practice is being changed and the government is also thinking about bringing in new Liberty Protection Safeguards. This consultation asks people to share their views about the changes.

Who did we speak to?

The government wanted to speak with people affected by the changes, including people with learning disabilities, carers, and staff.

What and how did we ask?

The government asked people for their views on the changes. People could respond to the consultation online. To view the consultation follow the link to government website Changes to the MCA Code of Practice and implementation of the LPS – GOV.UK (

As of 23.01.2024, there has not been an update to this work from the government.

What are we doing?

We will ask the government to share the findings from this consultation and outline how they plan to respond to people’s feedback. They are currently analysing the feedback We will update this page to show what has happened as a result of your involvement, once it is available.

How can you help?

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Get in touch

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