Leaving a gap

During the pandemic, reports of abuse directed at doctors’ surgery and community pharmacy teams across Leeds and West Yorkshire increased dramatically. In response, we teamed up with West Yorkshire colleagues to develop a campaign to make people think about the consequences of abusive behaviour.

Produced with staff and patients, the campaign is called ‘leaving a gap.’ It recognises that services are extremely busy, and it can be frustrating for those accessing care but reminds people that we’re all here to help each other and the importance of all round understanding and kindness.

A series of striking images created as part of the campaign aim to make people think about the gap that will be left if staff leave their role due to abuse.

Sample campaign image showing silhouette of doctor sitting at desk
This comes following an unprecedented level of need for advice and appointments in primary care. There has been a 15% increase in demand since the same time two years ago with community pharmacies managing increasing numbers of people, many GP practices receiving more than 1000 telephone calls every day, alongside delivering lifesaving flu and COVID-19 vaccines.
Abuse directed at GP practices and community pharmacy teams means receptionist and counter staff deal with the most insults and threats. As a vital part of the health care team, they are skilled in helping care for people and treating all information confidentially. They ask questions to direct people to the best support and are trying to help.
You can find out more at: www.wypartnership.co.uk/leaving-a-gap

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