This page outlines the work we are doing at the maternity population board to support people who are using maternity services

Maternity care refers to the health services provided to pregnant women and pregnant people, babies, and families throughout the whole pregnancy, during labour and birth, and after birth for up to six weeks.  It can include monitoring the health and well-being of the mother or pregnant person and baby, health education, and assistance during labour and birth.

There are now around 9,500 babies born in Leeds every year. Making the most of every child’s potential is an important goal in Leeds – it’s a commitment made by the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board. This means giving all children the ‘Best Possible Start in Life’, focusing on the earliest period in a child’s life, from before conception to age two. Babies who have the best possible start in life will be more likely to benefit from successful futures.

We know that having healthy parents / partner is the first step in giving any baby a healthy and ‘good’ start in life. We also know that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has made it more difficult for some babies to have the best start in life. We want to balance these inequalities out as we reset and transform services. We have developed a maternity strategy which is an important part of reaching these goals. You can read more in the maternity strategy, 2021-2025, here:

The Maternity Population Board brings together partners from across Leeds so that we can tailor better care and support for parents and families, design more joined-up and sustainable maternity services and make better use of public resources.

Over the last year, people planning health and care services in Leeds have worked with providers and the third sector to produce a set of outcomes for maternity care. These outcomes explain what we want to achieve to improve maternity care in Leeds providing equitable care for all and focussing on reducing health inequalities.

The ambition of our maternity work in Leeds is that we will improve support for people using maternity services and their carers. The following ambitions outline what we want to achieve as a board:

  • People receive personalised care maternity care safely.
  • Families and babies are emotionally healthy.
  • Families and babies are physically healthy.
  • People feel prepared for parenthood.

These are our identified outcomes. By setting these clear goals, that are focused on how services impact the people they serve, the board is able to better track whether we’re really doing the right thing for the people using these services.

Insight review

We have worked with our partners to review the feedback (insight) we already have about people’s experience of maternity services. This will help us understand what we already know. You can read the report below:

Download the maternity insight report (Microsoft Word version)

Maternity – Insight report (557KB)

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Share your thoughts and experiences on maternity care in Leeds

We want to make sure that your voice is heard and we would appreciate it if you could take ten minutes to fill in this short survey to tell us about your thoughts and experiences of maternity care in Leeds.

Have your say on maternity care in Leeds

Public involvement workshop

We held a public involvement workshop to check the findings of our insight report, review our identified outcomes (as above), and discuss our approach to public involvement on the board.

You can watch a recording of the workshop by clicking the button below (the recording includes subtitles).

COMING SOON - Watch the public involvement workshop for maternity (YouTube)

You can download the slides from the workshop below. Please note that these might not be fully accessible and we will aim to update these as soon as possible

Download the maternity public involvement workshop slides (PowerPoint)

Maternity – public involvement workshop slides (1MB)

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Download the notes from the maternity public involvement workshop (Microsoft word)

Notes – Maternity public involvement workshop (199KB)

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