This page outlines the work we are doing at the frailty population board to support people who are living with frailty.

Frailty is a term used by professionals to describe the loss of body resilience, which means that in the case of a physical or mental illness, an accident, or other stressful event, people living with frailty will not bounce back quickly.

People living with frailty experience greater disability, hospitalisation, care home admission, and mortality than patients who are not identified as frail. (Hale et al, 2019)

Frailty is related to the ageing process; not all older people are frail and not all individuals living with frailty are older. More about Frailty can be found on NHS England’s website:

The Leeds Frailty Population Board brings together partners from across city so that we can improve care, design more joined-up and sustainable frailty services and make better use of public resources. We have been working will our partners and local people to develop a series of ‘outcomes’ for frailty. These outcomes explain what we want to achieve to improve the lives of people at end of life and their carers, family, and friends. Our outcomes for frailty in Leeds are:

  • Live and age well defined by ‘what matters to me’.
  • Be identified, supported and have their needs assessed.
  • Reducing avoidable disruption to people’s lives as a result of contact with services

By setting these clear goals that are focused on how services impact the people they serve, the board is able to better understand whether we’re really doing the right thing for the people in this population.


Insight review

We have worked with our partners to review the feedback (insight) we already have about people’s experience of frailty. This will help us understand what we already know. You can read the report below:

Download the frailty insight report (Microsoft Word version)

Frailty – Insight report (471KB)

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Share your thoughts and experiences on frailty care in Leeds

We want to make sure that your voice is heard and we would appreciate it if you could take ten minutes to fill in this short survey to tell us about your thoughts and experiences of frailty care in Leeds.

Have your say on frailty care in Leeds


Public involvement workshop

We held a public involvement workshop to check the findings of our insight report, review our identified outcomes (as above), and discuss our approach to public involvement on the board.

You can watch a recording of the workshop by clicking the button below (the recording includes subtitles).

COMING SOON - Watch the public involvement workshop for frailty (YouTube)

You can download the slides from the workshop below. Please note that these might not be fully accessible and we will aim to update these as soon as possible

Download the frailty public involvement workshop slides (PowerPoint)

Frailty – public involvement workshop slides (1MB)

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Download the notes from the frailty public involvement workshop (Microsoft Word version)

Notes – Frailty public involvement workshop (225KB)

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Public involvement group meeting notes

Friday 24 February 2023

Download the public involvement group meeting notes (Microsoft Word version)

Public involvement group meeting notes (37KB)

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