West Leeds Local Care Partnership

West Leeds Local Care Partnership is a well-established LCP that has a large geographical footprint covering Pudsey, Bramley, Calverley, Rodley, Farsley, Swinnow and Stanningley.

We high levels of participation from colleagues across health, social care and the third sector. The partners work together to look at where they can make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of defined groups within the local population. Addressing health inequalities through a local perspective has to lead the group to take a very proactive approach to use data and develop workstreams to think creatively across organisations.

In line with feedback from local people, LCP partners and the emerging Leeds population health planning boards. We are establishing three areas of focus, and each will have a subgroup (working group) to shape the work and ensure an LCP approach.

The areas of focus are:

Children, young people and families – to include enabling healthy living and maintaining a healthy weight in an easy, fun and achievable way.

Living with a long-term condition and achieving wellbeing – (all ages) – to include promoting healthy living through physical activity, exercise and diet.

Leading fulfilling lives with frailty – older people – to include focus on integration and person-centred support.

If you would like to become engaged in any LCP work, please don’t hesitate to contact the LCP Development team – [email protected]

Current priorities:

Community mental health Transformation

West Leeds LCP is one of three sites piloting the city-wide community mental health transformation. More about the transformation can be found here.

Using a 90-day learning cycle, a city-wide core community offer is currently being designed, and a ‘blueprint’ should be outputted by May 2022. The blueprint will then be able to be personalised by the LCP to adapt and enhance this model for their local population’s needs and start to test this new model by July 2022.

In preparation for this, we have formed a working group and are currently mapping what’s already in place in their local area, and what local people think about the current provision.

  • By mapping the services and support available for people in their area, partners will understand where potential gaps are and where relationships would need to be built with organisations; as well as strengthening each other’s knowledge of how each other work, and where best to signpost people to. To do this, the working group are walking through anonymised case study based on characteristics of some of their patient population.
  • At the end of 2021, Healthwatch Leeds undertook local engagement exercises to get views of local people to understand their needs and what matters to them. The report can be found on the Healthwatch Leeds website.
  • Along with analysed GP data packs which are currently being created for the LCP, the working group will have a fuller picture of need and demand in their area to personalise and test this model out.

If you would like to be involved in this transformation work, or to find out more information, please email [email protected] who will be able to link you with your local LCP working group or wider reference groups.

Local care partnership meetings

West Leeds LCP is a very enthusiastic and motivated group of partners keen to work together across organisations to meet the health and social challenges faced by people in this part of Leeds.

The wider LCP group meet every 8 weeks on Thursdays.  Meetings are currently being held virtually.

How to get involved

We are keen to include more partners across the patch, in particular those who can support our current priorities and community groups. If you would like more information or to join us, please contact​​ [email protected].


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